Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG)

Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG)

Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG) is a white crystalline powder that exists in mushroom, tomato, cheese naturally and has much application in the food industry.

CAS NO: 142-47-2

E NO: E621

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Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG)

CAS NO: 142-47-2

E NO: E621

Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG) is a white crystalline powder that exists in mushroom, tomato, cheese naturally and has much application in the food industry:

  1. It enhances the flavor of food, especially improve the taste of meat when mixing with the savory aroma.
  2. MSG has 12% Sodium and it’s really less than NaCl so we can use it instead of salt and it’s healthier.
  3. This matter will mellow the bitterness of some vegetables.

Physical properties

Molar mass169.111 g/mol
Melting point232  ͦ C
Solubility in Water
chemical structure Mono Sodium glutamate chemical structure 


We can provide Sodium glutamate from glutamic acid or amino acid glutamate.

Also, we can produce it by fermentation of starch and some other kinds of saccharides.

This is the most stable salt of glutamic acid.

Some foods that contain Sodium glutamate:

  1. Fast foods

Most of the fast foods have it in their ingredients like Kentucky fried chicken especially Chinese foods.

  1. Chips

Manufacturers of chips use it for giving the savory taste, it also exists in snacks and corn chips too.

  1. Seasoning blends

There is MSG in many seasoning blends for giving better taste and we can use these in meat, fish, poultry, etc.

Also, it can be used in foods with low Na concentration, and the salt is omitted or used less.

  1. Frozen meals

Most of the frozen meals such as pasta, pizza, and cheese contain this product for improving their flavor.

  1. Soaps

Many soaps like canned soaps and noodle soap have it in their ingredients

Mono Sodium glutamate in food

  1. Processed meat

In meat, using MSG has 2 purposes:

1-It gets a better taste to the meat.

2-It can be replaced by salt and the Na concentration will reduce.

Sausages, hot dogs, and beef jerky have MSG in their material.

  1. Condiments

Lots of sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, and soy comprise C5H8NaNO4·

Likewise, dressings have lots of sugar and artificial colorings so it is better to supply your sauce yourself.


The maintenance of Monosodium glutamate is not difficult, just it should be in a closed-door container, far from heat and light, and, dry surroundings.

– How should we understand that our food contains monosodium glutamate?

Whenever there was C5H8NaNO4 in our edible, it should be written in the list of ingredients therefore you must notice the list!


In general opinion, people think this product make headaches but the studies prove that if we use a limited concentration of this matter in food, it has no side effects on human and it is safe.

Acid glutamic is a neurotransmitter and the public claim with eating sodium glutamate the level of this product increase in the brain that causes nervous problems. But whenever you use the standard amount you will not harm your nervous system.

Another claim that MSG could be the reason for cancer, it doesn’t prove never.

The concentration limit is distinct in different kinds of foods. It seems that a limited amount is 3 gr in each meal and for higher quantities, people feel headache, sweating, weakness, and muscle tightness.