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Shanghai metex is one the best companies that produce and distribute chemical products in global marketing. Here we take on responsibility for our products, employees, and the environment. So, trust us and order any products that you need.

Our products utilize in different applications and categories such as industry, plating, cosmetics, water treatment, and food-grade. In each part, specific materials exist, so you can stay in touch with our experts to buy.

Shanghai Metex Business Consulting Co, LTd. is a chemical raw materials manufacturer and supplier providing technical service and quality products to the Food Manufacturing Industry.

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Chemical products are necessary to produce different goods in the chemistry community that checked in 3 cases; economic, geography, and energy. As geographic points, it’s important to say that most productions are concentrated along the Gulf Coast because petroleum and natural gas are available there. Also, I should say that our company is located in Southwest Asia and has good communication with neighboring countries for distributing chemical products.

Chemical distribution has many different meanings in the global chemistry community. Here are some tips from the global list of chemical distributors that describe the properties of chemical distributing companies:

  • Own-manufactured products
  • Distribution of raw materials
  • Chemical titles
  • Ingredients that they sell

About the worth of this industry, I should say it depends on geography. For example, in the global marketing world, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in the United Kingdom is the second-largest industry. In 2019 chemical industry revenues was at 62.8 billion euros.

The most basic raw materials extract from grand and mines. The chemical industry spends a large amount on study and research to know about how they can do to manufacture materials with high quality because easily the earth resources are running out. So the raw materials used most in this field are sodium carbonate, calcium sulfide, sulfuric acid, sodium acetate, sorbitol, aspartame, and others. In shanghai metex, we manufacture most of these products and for information on how to buy this product and place an order, you can contact our colleagues in the sales department.