• CAS Number: 6712-98-7
  • Appearance: liquid 
  • Purity:%85
  • Made in: China 
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Di ethanol isopropanol amine (DEIPA) is an alkanolamine used in the formulation of cement additives and concrete admixtures. This compound is used as a cement mill aid because it prevents the accumulation of cement particles during the process and after grinding, which leads to increased process time efficiency, uniformity of materials.

This compound also increases the strength of cement, and cement blended with ash and slag tends to show a greater reaction to the chemical.

Physical and chemical properties:

Di ethanol isopropanol amine is an industrial chemical that contains the elements oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen, which appears as a colorless to light yellow liquid with an ammonia-like odor. This compound has a high viscosity that is completely soluble in water.

The most important physical and chemical properties of this compound can be summarized in the following table:


Chemical formula (CH2CH2OH)2 N -CH2CHOHCH3, C7H17NO3


Molar mass 133.191 g/mol
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
odor Very light ammonia odor
density 1.083 g/cm3 (20°C)
PH 12.0 (50% aqueous solution)
Melting Point 31.5 – 36 °C
Boiling point 145 °C 0.6 mm Hg
Solubility in water Soluble
Solubility Soluble in any ethyl alcohol
Flashpoint above 160 ℃ on a dry base
Color Colorless to light yellow
Form liquid

          Chemical Structure Depiction

Chemical structure of DEIPA %85

Production process:

This compound is produced by the reaction of propylene oxide with diethanolamine.


Applications and uses DEIPA:

  • This compound is widely used in the cement industry
  • Mainly used in the formulation of cement additives and concrete additives.
  • As a cement grinding aid.
  • Di ethanol isopropanol amine, which replaces triethanolamine (TEA) and tri isopropanol amine, significantly increases the initial strength of mortar or cement.
  • This combination improves the structure of the hardened cement paste.
  • As the raw material of chemical reactions
  • DEIPA is used to produce surfactants used in detergents and cosmetics.

Di ethanol isopropanol amine (DEIPA 85%) in Cement Grinding Aid:

Grinding aid (DEIPA) is a special chemical used to facilitate the grinding and mixing of cement.

Grinding equipment prevents the accumulation or adhesion of cement particles during and after the grinding process.

These devices make the cement production process possible by increasing the process efficiency and fluidity of the materials. The benefits of using cement grinding aid reduce energy costs in industrial plants.

Polar chemical compounds such as alkanolamine scatter charges on the surface of the cement particle. This coating often prevents individual particles from accumulating together.


The usage of DEIPA 85% in Cement Grinding Aid


Hydration is also an important factor in the grinding process. When a grinding device (DEIPA) comes in contact with cement particles, it forms a gel around the particle. This gel hydrates the grain and acts as a barrier against other cement particles. Over time, the gel crystallizes. This crystallization binds the cement particles together to form a fluid lattice structure.

Safety information of DEIPA:

Di ethanol isopropanol amine is generally considered in the safe chemical category because this is not toxic and harmful. Exposure to this chemical has no acute effect on human health.

Packing and storage:

The products should be stored in a dry, clean, cool, and ventilated warehouse or place.


Analysis of DEIPA %85

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