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OX-301 is an anionic surfactant used as a plating agent on potassium chloride in barrel plating.

Plating is a process for placing a layer of metals or other nonmetals in order to prevent the process of oxidation, wear, increase of surface resistance, etc.

The barrel plating method occurs in rotating barrels. The position of the barrels is either horizontal or at an angle of 35 degrees. This method is used for piling a large number of small pieces in bulk. In this case, the electrical connection is made by rolling the parts themselves and an external conductor attached to the barrel. One of the limitations of barrel plating is the rolling on of parts, which can cause damage and breakage in fine parts or the loss of corners.

barrel plating

Physical and Chemical Properties:

The most important physical and chemical properties of OX-301 can be summarized in the following table:

Name OX-301
Appearance liquid
Type electroplating chemicals
pH (1.0% solution) 4.0-7.0
Cloud point (KCL zinc plating bath) ≥95.0
Content (%) 75-77
Common name Low foam zinc plating carrier
color Yellow or brown
form viscous liquid
Common name Low foam zinc plating carrier

Applications and Uses of OX-301:

Potassium chloride zinc plating is a very cost-effective process and is mainly used to provide protective coatings for metal materials such as nuts, bolts, fittings, auto parts, and many more. In addition to these benefits, the use of zinc improves the overall appearance of metals and will provide a beautiful appearance by providing various colors and a bright and shiny state.

use of OX-301 in clamps, bolts, springs

Advantages of Using OX-301:

  • Prevent chemical corrosion
  • Increase surface resistance
  • Low consumption and cost-effective
  • Increasing conductivity in the electronics industry
  • Resistance to high temperature and salt
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Packing and Storage:

The product is stored in plastic barrels in a dry, well-ventilated place.


Analysis of OX-301

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