buy Mono Sodium glutamate| Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG)

buy Mono Sodium glutamate| Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG)

Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG) is a white crystalline powder that exists in mushroom, tomato, cheese naturally and has much application in the food industry.

CAS NO: 142-47-2

E NO: E621

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Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG), with chemical formula C5H8NO4Na, is a sodium salt of amino acid glutamic acid. According to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s “generally recognized as safe”. MSG is used in a wide range of applications that the most widely utilized in food additives. For more information on how to buy this product and place an order, you can contact our colleagues in the sales department.

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Chemical formula


Molar mass


169.111 g/mol (anhydrous),

187.127 g/mol (monohydrate)



White crystalline powder
Melting point 232 °C (450 °F; 505 K)


Solubility in water  740 g/L
Chemical structure Mono Sodium glutamate chemical structure



What is MSG made of?

This product is naturally found in our bodies and some foods such as cheese, tomatoes, sugar beets, and sugar cane. It has been produced by three methods. One is by the fermentation of starch in these ingredients, microbes produce glutamic acid. the others are hydrolysis proteins by hydrochloric acid for disrupt peptide bonds and direct chemical synthesis by acrylonitrile.


What is Mono Sodium glutamate (MSG) used in?

C5H8NO4Na is one of the most widely used materials in today’s industrial society, which we will discuss some applications of this material below.

It’s an important ingredient in preparing foods and also used in industrial goods. Some examples are in canned and frozen vegetables, gravies, meats, poultry, and sauces, broths, soups, and others.

mono sodium glutamate


Safety information

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration mentioned MSG is safe but there is a popular belief that this product can cause headaches that is known as “Chinese restaurant syndrome” but studies, not prove it.


According to the MSDS paper in a different situation, we must care about it, such as:

  •  inhaled: remove victim to fresh air and keep at rest in a position comfortable for breathing.
  •  skin contact: flush contaminated skin with plenty of water.
  •  eye contact: immediately flush eyes with plenty of water.
  •  ingesting: wash out mouth with water.

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